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OPEN WEBSITE DATES FOR Apparel Purchase 2018

Round 1…Feb. 14 - Feb. 24th, 11:59pm
Round 2…March 11 – March 15th, 11:59pm
*Delivery guaranteed 4 weeks after due date

Go to:
Pass Code: WACTF19

1) Purchasing Apparel is OPTIONAL
2) We strive to continue colors/styles from year to year in order for our past pieces to stay "in style"
3) Website purchasing is ONLY open twice & it is the only opportunity to purchase our gear for the season
4) T&F does receive a royalty check from BIG that reflects 10% back from everything purchased online by our team
5) Purchasing of Waconia T&F Gear ONLY happens IN SEASON...we will have 2 "Waves" of online ordering