Waconia XC Meet Athlete Prep

Personal Checklist

_____ - Running Shoes and Extra Socks

_____ - Racing Spikes (ALL athletes grades 7 - 12th and encouraged to race in spikes)

_____ - ALL Parts of the Team Uniform (top and bottoms)

_____ - Warm-Up “Longs” (be prepared for ALL weather conditions)

Clothing List: Warm Fleece Top, Windbreaker/Raincoat, Tights, Wind Pants, Extra Socks, Gloves/Mittens, Stocking Hat, extra T-Shirt

_____ - Packed Lunch (variety of fruit, crackers, nutrition bars, granola, sandwich)

_____ - Water Bottle (filled and sipping on bus ride)

_____ - Post Race Treat (reward yourself)

_____ - $$$ (You never know when the bus will stop at a DQ!)

_____ - Plastic Bag or Large Zip Lock for Wet & Sweaty Uniform Post Race

Note: Don’t leave your uniform in this bag and forget about it till next meet...you will NOT be happy

_____ - Blanket, Towel or Small tarp to sit on at Team Camp

**Tarp is great for wet conditions

_____ - Meet Goals Sheet is filled out and your personal race plan is set

      Ex/ know your time "splits" and have an estimated finish time in head

Additional Athlete Info:

Keep Cell Phone use LIMITED upon arrival at race site...please put these devices AWAY during warm-ups, races & cool downs

ALL Waconia Distance Athletes will be in Waconia Gear AT ALL times when boarding the bus for meets, at the meet site and on way home from meets WACONIA PRIDE...Note: these can advertise ANY Waconia Sport, we just want TONS Of Purple and Gold, Wildcat, Waconia Distance advertising (no street clothes...we are here to compete)

Pre-Race...WARM UPS ON at ALL TIMES prior to Racing and during your Cool Down...we will always have a clothes basket and manager at start lines to help transport/watch over warm-up items

Team Camp is the base of operation for our Squad at the meet site...water, post race snacks, foam rollers, medical supplies, and members of the coaching staff can always be found here...it is a team effort to keep this place clean and looking good...please lend a helping hand whenever possible to help set-up, take down and the cleaning of camp at the end of a meet...thanks

We represent our school and our community when “on the road” with our team...from the course, to the bus, to any restaurant you may find yourself in...PLEASE act in a manner that would make our town proud! #keepitclassy


Our Job vs. Your Job

As an athlete you have a TON of responsibilities to ensure that your XC experience is positive.  Yes, of course your coaches also have a TON of responsibilities to fulful, but the Gray Train (weird Nickname of our HUGE gray uniformed team) runs smoothest when ALL participants (athlete, coaches, officials, parents, pets) understand the basic framework of responsibility within our squad.  

Quiz Time - Who's Job? (A - Coach, B - Athletes C - BOTH)

Q1 - Provides a detailed workout schedule throughout the season?

Q2 - Completed ONLINE registration for upcoming season?

Q3 - Clean up Team Camp at the end of Meet?

Q4 - Show up with a Good Attitude & Ready to Work!