2018 Track FUUUNNNN!!draiser


Dear Waconia Track Parents/Guardians,

It is once again our favorite time of the year…Track FUNdraising!!  Waconia Track & Field has completely dropped the “door to door” type sale of campaign within our organization and have created our own approach to acquiring additional (much needed) funds for our athletes.


Three Parts of Fundraising:

#1 - Fundraiser T-Shirt Sales: As part of our team agreement with BIG Athletics/Adidas we are given 150 FREE Track Team t-shirts to be sold by our organization.    Annual Profit = $1500

#2 - Event Sponsorship: Last year we hosted the first annual Haunted Hustle 5K Fun Run.

This is co-sponsored with the XC

This event will grow →  our team made $600 last year for our efforts (many area teams use this strategy and their profits from this single event have grown to cover their ENTIRE program budgets...this is our ultimate goal)

#3 - Family Personal Donations:  As a staff, we recognize that families within our community are tired of “pushing” household/food/gift items that generate very little in return to our organization.  We ask families to make an annual (and optional) donation to Waconia Track.


These donations range from $15 to $25 per athlete and will go into our Track General Fund.   

Based on 250 athletes (including all 7th to 12th participants) - 2018 Per Athlete Donation Request = $19.60 per athlete

→Due Date for Fundraiser Donations - Thursday, March 15th at Mandatory Parent/Athlete Meeting ←

Annual Budget Needs:

Supplemental Coaching Stipends = $2,000 (used for assistant NON District contracted positions)

Uniform Fund = $600-800 Deposit Per Season (note: we made a 100 uniform purchase this off season to supplement our current uniform stock)

Coaches Wish List - each year the staff puts together a list of coaching instructional supplies/equipment/education/training materials to help athletes.  This budget item ranges from $0 - $2500 per year (we take great pride in the proper use of funds and ANY/ALL “Wish List” items go through a lengthy approval process within our staff)

Budget Notes:

District #110 Covers ALL District Contracted Coaching Salaries

District #110 Covers ALL Transportation for Season

District #110 Provides $1600 track Fund for Equipment Items...these funds are spread out between both Middle School & High School teams  ex/ Track Spikes, batons, Cross Bars, Hurdle Top Replacement, Tape Measures, etc.

District #110 Covers ALL Major Equipment Purchases ex/ Starting Blocks, Pole Vault/High Jump Pits, etc.

(this was HUGE this past year as we opened a new facility)


2018 Waconia Track Budget Goal = $7000 → $2000 - Coaching Stipends, $800 - Uniform Fund, $4200 - Wish List*


Thank you for your dedication to making our program the best it can be! Here’s to a GREAT 2018 Track season!


Your Waconia Track Coaching Staff                  **Please Make Checks out to: Waconia Track & Field**