Waconia XC Meet Parent/Fan Prep 

#1 – Wear Running/Athletic Shoes to Meets...you will NOT be standing around & will more than likely being running around like a crazy lunatic trying to see your athlete compete!

#2 – Please don’t run along side (pace) your athlete or give them any water and/or food (aid) during the race...this is against MSHSL rules/regulations...not only will you look ridiculous doing this, but you also might end up getting your little cherub disqualified from race (and will secure your place in the Waconia XC Hall of Shame...haha)

#3 – Travel Light...don’t bring unneeded items...it will just slow you down!

#4 – Got Small kids in tow...SWEET we love having future athletes on the course cheering, but leave footballs, Frisbees and soccer balls at home...these just cause problems and may find their way onto the race course and wreak havoc!

#5 – Waconia Pride...make sure to wear something that shows off our school, our team or some Purple/Gold!

#6 – Fuel up...make sure you have eaten/hydrated upon arrival...many times food/beverage is not available at the XC course site...remember tip #1 you’re going to be running around like a crazy person #fanworkout

#7 – Don’t expect your athlete to run into your arms at the end of a race...our athletes are here to compete & they have work to do...Race Warm-Up and a lengthy Cool Down is part of their “work” at a meet...please respect a 30 min “Hands off” period prior to any race.  Kids NEED to be with their teams at this time to focus on the race!  Note: its OK to take a few quick Post Race picts with grandma, but help us get your athlete back out on course for their Cool Down Run!

#8 – Can YOU take YOUR Athlete home after a race?...yep of course because you OWN them! But have them check out with a coach prior to leaving.  Note: Parents can ONLY bring their own kids with them, unless have been given prior approval by our Athletic Director. (Note: we do encourage them to stay with team, but we realize these kids have other priorities)...

#9 – Please send Food, Water & a bit of Cash with your athlete to each race...the time between lunch and ride home from a meet can be Loooong!

#10 – JUST HAVE FUN with this sport and your kid...be crazy, scream and go wild to help our kids get to the finish line a bit faster than the last time they tried!