Long & Triple Jump Philosophy (Horizontal Jumps)

Within Waconia Track & Field, majority of its long and triple jump athletes will be used in other events first. We have found that sharing these athletes is key to the success of the overall program and it is beneficial to the individual athlete as well. Commonalities amongst events are that of spatial awareness, body control, acceleration, top end speed, jumping mechanics, and overall athletic ability. We are not here to just play in the sandbox, but we do learn to share our athletes.


Keys to Success in Horizontal Jumps:

#1 - Acceleration

- Working mechanics of running form
- Quick Twitch

#2 - Top End Speed

- Sprinting ability and training is helpful
- Control of that said speed

#3 - Approach Management

- Stay consistent (especially first 2 strides)
- 6 to 8 full strides

#4 - Takeoff

- Pop and Spring (Plyometric Skills)
- Knee Drive
- Eyes

#5 - Flight

- Swinging parts
- Prepping for land

“Smile, it always lifts your spirit in flight!”